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We are organic farmers and agricultural activists. Through our writing and presentations at local, regional, and national conferences, we simplify complex issues and foster communication between farmers, policy makers, citizens, government officials, the media, and each other.

Reese Bergschneider
Farm-To-Table Intern
Ethan and Grandma
Farm Family
Avery Connett
Administrative Director/ Farm Potter
Buffalo Gals
Artists in Residence Melissa Carper & Rebecca Patek!
Madalyn White
Social Justice Intern
Robert Egal
Climate Action and Farmland Preservation Intern
Grace Sutherland
Events Intern
Kat Murphy
Events Intern
Jake Stern
Climate Action and Farmland Preservation Intern
Vincent Dominguez
Climate Action and Farmland Preservation Intern


Green Gate Farms is one of the few community-based, certified organic teaching farms in Texas. And we'd like to change that. We believe that communities must have:

- Sustainable, resilient options to address the public health challenges of climate change and diet-related disease, and
- An abundance of well-trained, organic farmers, homesteaders and gardeners.

Whether you farm conventionally or organically, we all need to work together to improve the life of the soil and that of our neighbors. So, if you are a landowner or want to be, a developer considering putting a farm at the heart of your development or a homesteader aspiring for more, drop us a line below! We're happy to share what we've learned.

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Green Gate Farms Bastrop
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