Howdy folks,

Believe it or not we’re in the second to last week of our Spring CSA (Week 9A). You can definitely tell from your shares the transition to Summer is upon us. This week is still pretty leafy but we have lots of potatoes coming out of the ground, the beginning of squash and cucumber harvests, basil, and most importantly: TOMATOES! We’ll be selling hoophouse and yellow cherry tomatoes at the farm stand this week (Tues 3-6 & Fri/Sat 10-2) and we promise we’ll have them in the shares ASAP.

The wet weather has been keeping us cooler but the bugs are liking it, too. We’re hoping for a few more weeks of leafy greens, beets, carrots, etc. before 90-degree days are normal and spring crops begin to bolt. We’re also hoping our slicing onions and elephant garlic will hold on through the rain – the ones we’ve pulled so far are looking great (which is a significant improvement on last year!)

Please keep in the loop as there’s lots of farm news coming up! Assuming good weather we’re having a crop mob this Saturday 5/21 at the River Farm, we’ll soon initiate our SNAP CSA, our 10th Anniversary party is June 4th, and before you know it Farm Camp starts June 6th. 

Thanks for your membership and continued support. Please spread the word of our Summer CSA & upcoming events to your family and friends. We couldn’t be here without you!


Farmer Katie

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