Despite the constant rain, we’ve been harvesting the first of our cultivated colors this week. Those of you who prefer familiar flowers — marigolds, sunflowers, celosia, etc. – should be pleased. The sunflowers we forced in the greenhouse have paid off given that the plants in our soggy fields won’t be blooming any time soon.

I’m tickled that I finally found a use for a plant that typically drives us nuts: Johnson grass. This plant seems impossible to eradicate from our vegetable fields and causes us much heartache. But, it seems to be doing the job in this week’s share. Let us know how it holds up for you.

Green Gate Farms Organic Flower CSA

Green Gate Farms Organic Flower CSA

Doncha’ love this week’s share photo by Kerstin Wiggins? Several of you have wondered what you’re getting. I hope this helps.

Stepdaughter Alex took the pretty photo (below) beside our Big Red Barn — the perfect place for photos. Come take some with your bouquet!