Cultivating Organic Food, Communities, and Farmers

Green Gate Farms is a success in part because of our experience in public health and marketing, and our activism in sustainable farming issues. Our strategic planning and creative thinking skills can help improve your farming operation, regardless of the size.

Over the years we have advised:

  • individuals starting their own farms
  • schools interested in farm-to-school and gardening programs
  • developers wanting to build communities around CSA-based farms

We are independent growers who are committed to increasing the quantity and quality of farmers in our area. That’s why we continually host workshops and classes at our historic intown farm. Some of the consulting services we provide include:

  • Evaluating land for farm development
  • Sustainable systems
  • CSA management
  • Marketing
  • Crop plans and pest control
  • Solar-powered farm systems
  • Irrigation and water issues
  • Livestock management
  • Referral to other farmers and resources

Contact us to discuss our hourly/project rates.


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Green Gate Farms
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