Skip and I were surprised and delighted to be selected to attend this year’s Terre Madre, an international food conference in Turin, Italy.

We consider this a great honor and a perfect way to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the founding of Green Gate Farms, our intown, organic farm. We look forward to representing Texas to food producers around the world. And to sharing our experience at local farming conferences and community events upon our return.

As many of you know, we’ve had tremendous obstacles establishing our farm in this food desert, here on the east side of Austin, Texas. Nevertheless, we are committed to our open-door policy and to feeding people of all incomes. That’s why we host dozens of events each year to benefit and educate the community (without any outside funding). Keeping our door open to all has required that proceeds from our farm stand and CSA are plowed back into the farm (and our daughter’s college tuition. 🙂

Affording this trip is extremely difficult. Airfare alone is approximately $2,000. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Click here to contribute.

Thank you for your support. (Travel tips welcome at