Winter Share Week 5B of 10 2014

For this week’s installment of recipes for your CSA vegetables, I’d like to share some of my best finds for great ways to eat the abundance of broccoli that we’ve harvesting this winter. I have to confess that I almost always use all of the broccoli in my share for stir-fry dishes because I just never get tired of eating veggies that way (in such dishes as this Beef Stir Fry with Carrots and Broccoli.) But a wonderful feature of broccoli is that it can be used in a large variety of cuisines, and so lately I’ve been experimenting with finding more creative ways to eat this vitamin-rich, disease-fighting superfood. Some of my top finds have been:

Broccoli Cheese Casserole – this is a delicious take on one of my grandmother’s staple winter dishes
Raw Broccoli Salad – there are many versions of this crunchy, tasty side dish, but this is one of my favorites
Broccoli Bites – these are designed with kids in mind, but they are a great appetizer for adults too

As I’ve been trying new dishes this week, I also came across this very simple but fantastic recipe for Caramelized Turnips. As I’ll be cooking for a couple upcoming dinner parties soon, this has become my best hope of converting my friends into fans of the classic root vegetable, which happens to be loaded with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Best wishes on another week of great cooking!