April is bringing a bounty of beautiful produce for our CSA shares, so here’s some inspiration for making the most of these great vegetables as you’re cooking in the kitchen this week!

The huge heads of Napa cabbage have been fantastic additions to the shares lately, and they are really versatile for a variety of dishes. To get an idea for different methods of preparing it, check out this article that shares eight ways you can enjoy Napa cabbage. A favorite recipe of mine lately comes from a farm in Hawaii, and couples arugula with the cabbage to make a delicious Napa Salad.

I have to admit that mustard greens haven’t been a CSA item I was particularly excited to get, but their arrival has sent me to explore possible ways of turning this vitamin-packed, cancer-preventing green into a tasty meal. For a more traditional approach, Rachael Ray offers this simple recipe for Braised Mustard Greens that includes a little bacon – always a welcome ingredient for adding extra flavor to southern greens. For a colorful, creative main-course, see this beautiful recipe  for Baked Sweet Potatoes with Mustard Greens, which includes white beans and a cilantro tahini.

And lastly, Buzzfeed surprised me this week by offering not merely entertaining pop culture quizzes but also a pretty fantastic list of 31 Things to Do WithConfusing CSA Vegetables. With some hilarious commentary, it features some great ideas for using the kohlrabi, scapes, turnips, & chard that you’re likely get in your share this week – so take a minute to check it out if you’re feeling at a loss for how to start eating all this garden goodness.

Happy Cooking!

– Workshare Emily