2014 Spring Share Week 1B


Welcome to the opening week of our spring season! It’s exciting to finally be seeing some warmer temperatures and to return to full shares of fresh produce from the land. You’ll be getting lots of nutritious greens in your CSA bags this week, so here are some recipes to help you get some springtime cooking underway!

While reviewing lots of recipes during Mardi Gras a couple weeks ago, I found this great article on New Orleans farmer Jim Core which includes a recipes for gumbo z’herbes, an any-greens-goes gumbo that is served each spring throughout the season of Lent. You can also check out his recipe for kale jambalaya for a healthy twist on another Creole classic dish.

Hopefully this warmer weather will soon be back to stay for good, which lends itself to lots of colorful spring salads. The buttercrunch lettuce we’ve been enjoying in the CSA is a perfect fresh salad green, but if you’ve been running out of variations for how to serve it, here are a few recipes that specifically feature butter lettuce with a variety of different toppings: Butter Lettuce, Chicken, & Cherry SaladButter Lettuce Salad with Gorgonzola & Pear DressingAsparagus & Butterhead Lettuce Salad.

Have a great week celebrating the arrival of spring with fantastic food!

Workshare Emily