As spring arrives at the farm we’re getting the last of the lush winter greens, so time to savor those super-nutritious greens in the kitchen with some new recipes and storage tips!

First off, I’ve got to feature something that celebrates one of my favorite times of the year – Strawberry Season! Even though we don’t grow them here at Green Gate, there are other local farmers who have started bringing their strawberry bounty to the farmers markets, and I’ve enjoyed getting to add them into all kinds of springtime dishes with our CSA produce. An especially great treat for a spring picnic? This Arugula Salad with Roasted Strawberry Honey Salad Dressing.  

Everyone should be getting more bok choy again this week, so enjoy incorporating this vitamin-packed green into some new meals knowing that a mere one cup of shredded bok choy provides 60% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin A, plus 50% of your DV of vitamin C. To find some fresh ideas, check out this blogpost that includes 21 Scrumptious Bok Choy Recipes!

Our CSA shares will also include more chard, which has become one of my favorites of the winter greens. This delicious Green Chickpea & Chicken Coconut Curry with Swiss Chard is particularly good (especially for any of these springtime-crazy-Texas-weather cold nights.) You can also explore this great slideshow from Food & Wine that features easy one-pan meals, including this Baked Pork Chops with Swiss Chard dish, plus a Roaster Chicken with Potatoes & Kale, and a Tomato, Chard, & Gruyere Casserole.

Lastly, if you’re excited about all these greens but are struggling to get through them before they go bad in your fridge, take a look at these tips for how to store leafy greens so as to add extra days to their shelf life. Also, these greens are soon going to give way to more diversified produce this spring and summer, so check out this article on how to blanch and freeze winter greens so that you can save some of this great bounty for recipes later in the year.

Happy cooking!!

Workshare Emily