Welcome to Spring CSA Week 3!

April 17, 2021

Farm News

Upcoming Classes:

Mother’s Day Bouquet-Making Class at our east Austin farm! Saturday, May 8th, class repeats at 10:00 and 1:00. After a tour of the flower fields, Farmer Erin will teach you how to make an extra special bouquet for your Mom using freshly harvested flowers and herbs. (Admission includes tour and one bouquet.) Bring your friends! We’ll meet at the picnic tables beside Big Red Barn. Sign up here on our website.

Floral Tattoo Classes are back! Saturday, May 22 at our east Austin farm, class repeats at 10 and 1. Learn how to make a bracelet, necklace or anklet of fresh flowers and herbs. This fun, easy class also includes a portrait session. Perfect for birthdays, celebrations. Sign up here.

Farm Camp for Adults GGF founders will share their secrets (and mistakes) is happening May 2nd and June 6th!

Farm Stand and REKO Ring: Preorder for a touchless pick up at our east Austin farm, Saturdays, 10-12. To join our Reko Ring online ordering group follow this link!

Green Gate Gift Cards Available Need something special for your friends and family? Give the gift of fresh, organic food! We have Farm Bucks for all your celebrations.

FLOWER BOUQUETS AVAILABLE Our flower fields are beginning to pop – ranunuculs, narcissus, sunflowers and more are starting to bloom. The fragrance is amazing! You’re welcome to join our 12-week Flower CSA to receive a weekly bouquet (prorated from the week you join) or sign up for 4-weeks of flowers for the month of May or June. Each week we post a photo that helps you identify your stems as well as gardening tips.

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Get Involved!

Flower Power Workshares: Learn how to cultivate organic cut flowers this spring. Perfect for gardeners of all abilities. Apply here

Spring Veggie Workshares: Learn to grow organic veggies with us at the farm

We’re hiring! Seeking a farm manager and seasonal workers for both farm locations. See www.greengatefarms.net

In Appreciation of Alliums!

By Farmer Kalina

One of the many pleasures of spring time at the farm is allium harvesting! We grow a variety of alliums including garlic, green onions, spring onions, bulbing onions, garlic chives, and leeks. Most of these incredible plants are planted in the fall and grow throughout the winter and into early spring.

While they take their time growing to size, they have so much to offer us as farmers and as eaters! These incredible crops are able to withstand freezing temperatures, even the harsh winter storm that hit central Texas this past February. They are also pest resistant, and are used by some farmers to deter pests from their fields. This is done by planting them throughout the farm, close to less hardy crops. If all of that wasn’t enough to make you swoon for alliums, for many of these crops we are easily able to save their seeds at the end of the season, to be used the following year. Not to mention their delicious flavor that is enjoyed in so many recipes!

Over the past couple of weeks we have begun our garlic harvest! One of my first weeks back on the farm, on a warm early September morning, I planted three rows of Texas red garlic. Last week I harvested these rows and was rewarded with over 300 heads of garlic that is now hanging to dry in our historic Bergstrom barn. This garlic will store throughout the late spring and summer. The ability to have storage crops is a blessing for Texas farmers, where the many crops do not thrive during our intense summers. The bulbs of garlic that broke during the harvest, will be saved and used as seed garlic in the fall. And thus the cycle for this incredible allium will continue.

In the coming weeks we will harvest more of these long awaited wonders. Next week, we will be harvesting the first leeks of the season. Some of which have grown into some of the thickest and tallest stocks I have seen! Elephant garlic, with its huge cloves and delicious flavor will be next, and the bulbing storage onions will be to follow. There is much to look forward to with this family of plants throughout this change of seasons.

Spring CSA - Week 3 Veggie Share

  • Turnips
  • Radishes
  • Swiss Chard
  • Kale
  • Green Onions
  • Spinach
  • Thyme

This Week’s Flower Share

There’s still availability if you want to pick up one of these beautiful bouquets weekly at our CSA drop-sites all over Austin and Bastrop! Sign up on our website here.

Sneak Peak Of The Week 4 Veggie Share:

  • Beets
  • Radishes
  • Bok Choy
  • Leeks
  • Mint
  • Lettuce
  • Swiss Chard or Kale

*Items are subject to change based on availability!

Food and Flower Snapshot

  • Veggie CSA Spring Season, 10 weeks: March 31st - June 2nd
  • $25 each week, prorated
  • 5 pick-up locations, Wed/Sat; no home deliveries
  • Additional vegetables, herbs, flowers and specialty items (e.g., pickled okra, plants for your garden, etc.) posted every Wednesday on Green Gate’s private Facebook page; touchless pickup at our intown farm is on Saturdays, 10-noon. (8310 Canoga Ave., Austin 78724)
  • Volunteers welcome at both farms. More information on our website.
  • Got a question about your CSA share? Contact your Community Organizer, the volunteer who manages your pickup site and handles any issues that might arise.

Recipes From Kalina:

Buttered Radish Toast - Try this classic, simple, and satisfying snack with your radishes this week!

Buttered Radish Toast – The Leek & The Carrot

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Pan Fried Turnips with Thyme - Turn your turnips into this crunchy flavorful side!

Pan-Fried Turnips with Thyme and Breadcrumbs | Naturally.

Easy pan-fried turnips made with hakurei turnips that have a delightful, delicate taste. These turnips are perfect for a side or as a start to a salad.

Swiss Chard and Kale Frittata - Use your greens to make this full and hearty meal!

Swiss Chard and Kale Frittata – TasteFood

For the past month I’ve been receiving a box of organic produce each week from a new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in the Bay area called Full Circle. They are the West Coast’s …