Making Memories with Green Gate Farms! (Flowers, Veggies, and Farm News, March 22-28, 2021)

April 3, 2021

Farm News

  • Farm Stand and packaged, touchless pick up via REKO Ring Are Open This Week! The farmstand is at Big Red Barn (8310 Canoga Ave., Austin) Saturdays, 10-12. To join our Reko Ring ordering group follow this link!
  • Spring CSAs for Veggies and Flowers Sign ups are live. Sign up while we still have memberships available!
  • Flower Power Workshares: Now’s the time to plant cut flowers for beautiful spring bouquets. To learn more, join Farmer Erin and her Flower Power workshare members. Shifts available at both farms, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat. Email:
  • Spring Veggie Workshares: Learn how to grow your own food by helping on the farm as we fill our spring and summer vegetable fields. More info here: Follow this link to apply!


Our freshly harvested organic bouquets are available weekly for the season (April, May, June) or by the month. Join now to receive fragrant bouquets like these:

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Come to our farm stand this Saturday, 10-12, and you’ll find all kinds of freshly harvested goodies (see partial list below). You can also reserve your order by joining our online ordering Facebook group or “Reko Ring” here. We look forward to seeing you at the farm this Saturday!

Here is some of what you’ll find this week:

  • Beets
  • Red Radishes
  • Mizuna
  • Lettuce
  • Kales
  • Swiss Chard
  • Collard Greens
  • Green Onions
  • Parsley
  • Herbs

We also have local, shelled pecans at our farm stands now, $9.50/ lb:

Makin’ Memories and New Friends in Bastrop

By Farmer Skip

Melissa Carper is a familiar name in the Austin country music scene. Sitting on the deck of our tiny home on Persimmon Hill this past Friday morning, she soaked in the the greening up of these fields that have been her inspiration this past year. Along with her partner Rebecca Patek, they had just tuned in to NPR’s All Songs Considered. Like spring itself, Melissa’s hit song, Makin’ Memories, was warming up the countryside.

This long-awaited moment was a sweet milestone in Melissa’s long music career, which many Austinites supported with her former band, The Carper Family. It also was memory makin’ for Green Gate as well. The Carper Family played here at our River Farm debut 10 years ago! That late spring Hootenanny, with our half-finished barn for a backdrop and hay wagon for a stage, also featured a guitar solo by our visiting Vermont carpenter and musician, Angus Gluck. Not to mention an 18-year-old Swiss yodeler whose perfect Alpine-style delivery slipped into a crevasse after one too many pilfered beers.

Melissa lived here five years ago after meeting Rebecca, who was working on the farm and remodeling an old camper in the woods where our cottage now stands. Three years ago, the two of them (aka The Buffalo Gals) moved to Nashville to make a name for themselves. As in Austin, they found that fast-growing city increasingly unaffordable. When COVID hit and their tours were cancelled, they moved back here to regroup, hunker down, and work alongside us, masks and all. They also have kept making music, which they share Wednesday evenings, here, with a live-streaming show from their deck.

Like Hank Williams proclaimed (or would have today): “A country gal can survive…”

Farmers and artist are kindred spirits. Many have made friendships at our City Farm through celebrations of good food and good music. Growing food and making art in Austin have gotten harder in recent years as the cost of living skyrockets. COVID only made that trend more pronounced. Austin’s loss is a gain for surrounding towns like Lockhart and Bastrop and Elgin. Our former farm manager, Matt Simon, has roots in Austin going back to his great grandfather, Vernon Grove, who owned Grove Drug store on 6th Street and donated the land for ACC’s Riverside campus. Matt has become a good farmer but it was his drumming that took him around the world. And it was Lockhart, with its burgeoning food and music scene, that lured him to buy a home there, just as it was New Leaf Farm outside Elgin where he is now growing food.

This month’s Texas Monthly features the best and boldest of this big-city-to-small-town exodus in a profile of Sonya Cote and David Barrow. When Springdale Farm was sold to a developer, Sonya had to move her Eden East food truck to the Hill Country and David, the farmer there, made an equally momentous move — quite literally taking with him the ground beneath his feet. Rather than see those fertile plots paved over or washed into the stream, he negotiated with the developer that he could take the soil that Springdale farmers had nurtured for decades to their new urban farm in downtown Bastrop. Sonya has performed a similar feat in her own magical way with the creation of Storehouse Eatery and Market on Bastrop’s Main Street, its ingredients coming from their farm and other local growers.

Matt, Melissa and Rebecca, and David and Sonya still have roots in Austin, as do Erin and I. We still depend on our beloved city for its culture and progressive ways, just as Austin depends on us its food and music. Making these connections stronger and more workable is the challenge of tomorrow. We are excited to be part of nourishing both. Or as Melissa wrote: “Making memories I’d sure like to keep.”

Stream Melissa’s new album here!

Thanks Y’all! We will see you next week in the Spring CSA season!