On this gorgeous sunny day I was filled with optimism as I trudged through the puddles, standing reminders of more than 10″ of rain this weekend. I checked on the zinnias and sunflowers potted in the greenhouse. Protected from the pounding rains, they’re looking good and will probably bloom in a week or two.

The birds were singing. All living things seemed to celebrate the cooler sunshine. The sky was that bright scrubbed pale blue that blinds you to what came before. I figured pulling together blooms for today’s bouquet would be a challenge, but somehow there would be enough. Nope. The fields are a mess. After three serious floods sandwiched between a punishing drought, the flower field is worn out. So I looked toward the trees.


That’s why you may find pyracantha in this week’s share. This living hedge is dense with orange berries (called “pomes”) and adds a sturdy bit of color to what is now an autumnal bouquet. Though, I’ve heard you can make jelly from the pomes, I wouldn’t eat them as internet authorities say they are “slightly poisonous.” Also, beware of thorns, which are hidden on the stems.


As we gathered the last of the zinnias, celosia (purple), ageratum (blue), basil (purple and green),



I gave thanks for the season and that my Mom — the person who instigated my love of flowers – was able to help with the harvest this morning.