Potatoes never grow to such perfection as ones pulled from the earth by tiny, fearless hands. Like Easter eggs, said one child. And so today was a kind of Easter for us at Green Gate Farms. Erin put the word out at Discovery School that kids were invited to help harvest our pomme de terre and they came, nearly 20 of them, with baskets and sweet anticipation. They dug and they pulled, astonished to find red and gold fruit clinging to the plants’ beard-like roots. Dirt spilled into their shoes. One boy was bitten by ants. Another stuck his fingers into a rotten seed potato. Yet no one complained or cried. Unlike Easter, these kids knew, instinctively, that there are no elaborate story here, no man-made slight of hand; some primordial voice seemed to whisper deep into their unconscious: Dig down, eat, this is the food that has feed your species for thousands of years and this is how your ancestors have always eaten: by hand and hard work, with deep knowledge and respect of the mysteries and marvels of nature.