Our Projects
Our Projects:
There are so many ways to get involved with our east Austin farm. Take a look at what's going on, then drop us a line at info@greengatefarms.net

History Museum

One of our proudest accomplishments is how our community rallied to save the historic Bergstrom farmstead in east Austin. Built by Swedish immigrants in 1902, the place was kinda tired when we started our farm here in 2006. Nevertheless, we grew to love the place and so did thousands of visitors and schoolchildren as the interest in local food blossomed.

Today this four-acre farm, repaired in 2019 by its new owner Roberts Communities, serves as the heart of a one-of-a-kind tiny home community. The Bergstrom farmstead — featuring a Swedish mulebarn, farmhouse, henhouse, wellhouse, and Aeromotor windmill — is one of the few authentic historic farms in Travis County (another is Boggy Creek Farm).
We want to tell the story of this place so all of Austin can celebrate its agricultural and creative achievements. Space has been set aside in the barn to highlight the farmers and many other creative people who have been a part of the farm, from Matthew McConaughey to the Coen Brothers.

We’d love your help gathering materials, conducting an oral history, setting up displays and more.

Neighbor to Neighbor

Serving our neighbors is at the heart of our farm. And because there are few healthy food options in our area, we have always traded food for work, accepted food stamps and donated to nearby charities.
If you’d like to help us reach out and support neighbors in need, please let us know. In addition to food donations, we are eager to launch programs that include: a Green Teen Team, Cycling Without Age, and Flower Power School. All hands are needed; Spanish speakers appreciated.

Gardening Club

Meets at Big Red Barn second Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30Open to all!

Our goal is to create opportunities on our farm and in our neighborhood where you can learn to garden, compost and live more sustainably. Group gardening projects include:

- Planting an 80+ tree orchard of fruit trees
- Establishing a historic cutting garden around the farmhouse, led by landscaper and Bergstrom descendant Rebecca Dunn of The Velvet Mesquite
- Planting raised garden beds
- Designing pocket gardens between tiny houses
- Creating a community garden
- Restoring our Permaculture garden
- Returning beehives to the farm
- Seed saving, and building birdhouses, bat-houses, and more...

You are also welcome to volunteer at the farm on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. No experience necessary!

Birds and Bees Club

Did you know that Austin is a major bird migratory route? And that our east Austin farm has been home to more than 250 varieties of bees (thank you UT grad students for counting them!)? Join us as we build birdhouses, site beehives, and figure out where our future chickens, turkeys and geese should live.