Old School Squash

6-8 medium yellow squash
1 large sweet onion
1 stick organic butter, salted
Ya, ya, ya. Just use the butter. Trust me!
1 tsp local honey
1 tbsp Murray River salt
Large sauté pan with lid (cookie sheet large enough to cover pan)
Clean onion, half, thinly slice
Heat butter in pan over medium heat until lightly browned
Place onions in pan, tend to them, turning frequently with tons to avoid scorching until heavily wilted
Add honey, stir into onions
Reduce heat to low, cover for 5 minutes
Thinly slice each squash whole into coins
Uncover onions, add 1/2 of remaining butter & squash
Increase heat to medium high, tend to mixture stirring often with tongs to avoid scorching squash or onions until squash has browned edges
Reduce heat to low, cover for 10 minutes, stir occasionally
Remove cover, remove from heat
Allow remaining butter to melt over mixture
Serve along with rustic loaf bread & traditional garden salad.


(from Alicia Smith)