Last of the wildflowers?

Can you believe wildflowers are still bobbing their heads at the front of our farm along Decker Lane? Fields of firewheels, coreopsis and bee balm are still bright as we head into mid-June. Amazing.




This gift from the Rain gods made this week’s share bright and fragrant. Blue salvia, blooming oregano, tangy fennel, Genovese basil set off the first of the sunflowers and marigolds. Making bouquets for our CSA customers is the best part of my day. Or maybe the best part is when I see Kerstin Wiggins photos of the bouquets (thanks, Kerstin). Or maybe the best part is seeing our ¬†customers swoon when they smell our bouquets. Hard to choose. I think I love all of it.

Thank you for supporting our farm.