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13 weeks

September 19th, 2017 – December 16th, 2017

SIGN UP FOR 12B IS CLOSED AND PRICES HAVE BEEN PRORATED, SO YOU WILL GET YOUR FIRST DELICIOUS SHARE ON WEEK 13A if you sign up before 12 on Friday, December 6th! (check out the calendar below) 

How does it work?

1. Choose your CSA option -If you want to receive a $25 bag of vegetables every week, choose ‘weekly vegetable share’ -If you want to receive a $25 bag of vegetables every other week, choose either an A or B week (refer to dates listed below) -If you want to add on organic Coyote Creek eggs to your share ($6/dozen), choose the appropriate egg/vegetable combination **Want eggs but not veggies? Sign up for our Egg CSA! -Do you want a beautiful, organic bouquet to arrive with your vegetable share? Sign up for our Flower CSA -Do you want to use your SNAP Lone Star Card to receive our CSA at half price? Sign up for our SNAP CSA 2. Choose your pick up location -Each pick up site has an assigned day and time, so select a site with a convenient location that also fits your schedule. Check out the map and list of sites below! -Leave all other days set to ‘NA’ when you are ordering below. 3. Complete the purchase using a Paypal account, debit/credit card, or mail us a check -make checks payable to Green Gate Farms and mail to 8310 Canoga Avenue, Austin, 78724 4. Enjoy organic local food and explore more ways to get involved with Green Gate! more information

~Signing up for the CSA mid-season~

NEW MEMBERS ALWAYS WELCOME! We prorate our prices every week so you are able to easily sign up for our CSA mid-season. You must sign up by Friday at noon to get your share the following week. Paying for your CSA in a one-time payment gives our farmers a better idea of what needs to be planted and greatly helps the farm. However, if you need payment plan options, please email Carolyn.

Fall Vegetable CSA
Tuesday Pick up Locations
Wednesday Pick up Locations
Thursday Pick up Locations
Friday and Saturday Pick up Locations
Phone Number Required

Weekly Vegetable and Egg CSA
Tuesday Pick up Locations
Wednesday Pick up Locations
Thursday Pick up Locations
Friday and Saturday Pick up Locations
Phone Number Required


Our certified organic vegetables are amazing! That’s because we choose varieties to make your mouth sing.

  • We grow more than 75 varieties of certified organic vegetables and herbs.
  • Many of these plants are varieties you won’t find in the store.
  • You can add on Eggs and Flowers (seasonally) to your Vegetable CSA subscription.

Spring Season features: potatoes, green garlic, carrots, kale, kohlrabi, peas, salad greens, beets, parsley and leeks.

Summer Season features: cucumbers, summer squash, beans, and the first of the tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, okra and eggplant.

Fall Season features: many of these summer favorites (including tomatoes), and the beginning of greens like kale, mustards, chard, and lettuces as well as kohlrabi, carrots, and beans.

Winter Season features: spinach, arugula, broccoli, cabbage, green garlic, radishes, snow peas, green onions, butternut squash, pumpkins, and turnips.

Sample Share Photos

Member Testimonials

“I love going to Green Gate farms every two weeks to pick up my CSA share. I get to see the little piggies grow. There are smiling farmers who are always willing to stop and talk. It is such an open and sharing space. I feel welcome to walk around the farm and see what is happening. Besides all of this I take home REALLY fresh delicious veggies to eat!”

“I have loved being a CSA member! I feel so good about providing organic, local produce to my family of 7. It is so fun to get everything out of the bag and see what we’ve gotten for the week…a highlight for the kids and I for sure! Keep it up!”

“I tell everyone I know about my CSA and Green Gate Farms. I look forward to the days I pick up my share and I feel I get a lot of food for the price I pay. The best part is it’s all organic and locally grown. The farm is close enough that you can visit and see your food growing. Our family loves Green Gate Farms”

Contact Us

Green Gate Farms
8310 Canoga Ave
Austin, TX 78724

Email: info@greengatefarms.net
Phone: 512-484-2746