Meat CSA

Cultivating Organic Food, Communities, and Farmers

We are no longer accepting online sign-ups for our Meat CSA, please read the important information below about our new process!

We have memberships available! Please help us spread the word and support local meat farmers.


Why get a Meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share?
  • Enjoy the highest quality and tastiest pastured meat available in Central Texas
  • Be confident that these animals are well-cared for, raised locally and butchered using humane methods.
  • Know where your food comes from
  • Support our local farmers and local economy
  • Enjoy health benefits of pasture-based food
  • Convenient monthly pickup of a variety of meats: chicken, rare-breed pork, beef, bison, duck, goat, lamb and mutton.
How do I sign up? How does it work?

Our Meat CSA runs year-round. You buy shares in advance and each month we’ll put together a selection of our delicious sustainably raised meats available for pick-up at our farm!

Meat CSA pickup is always the last week of every month–Tuesday (3-6), Friday (10-2) or Saturday (10-2)

We now require a minimum 4-month commitment.

One of the most important aspects of our Meat CSA is paying livestock farmers when they deliver meat to our farm for your shares. To make this happen, Meat CSA members must pay Green Gate Farms two weeks prior to pick up.

To make this simplified system work with little or no administrative costs, we request that members provide (at least) four post-dated checks. (You are welcome to provide more post-dated checks or write one large check, if you’d like.) Please post-date these checks as May 15th, June 15th, July 15th, August 15th, etc. By providing a minimum of four post-dated checks, livestock farmers can count on us and plan for future months. This also means that livestock farmers can order chicks for our members as well as book butcher dates to meet our deadlines. We apologize for the inconvenient previous system that caused endless confusion, our new goal is avoid sending invoices and reconciling Paypal payments. By going back to the ston age with us, you will ensure that your check is cashed by the bank at the same time every month and farmers are paid promptly. What a deal!

Please write your checks to “Green Gate Farms” and mail to our office (8310 Canoga Avenue, Austin TX 78702) or come drop them off during office hours!

Thanks for your support. As always, we welcome your ideas on how to improve our systems.


What will I receive each month?

Each monthly share is a delicious mix of meats from our farm and local farmers we know and trust. Farmers like Windy Hill that raises some of the finest pasture goat and sheep in the area and neighboring Munkebo Farm that butchers its own Muscovy ducks. Your share will vary according to what the farmer has available; the mix can include: organic chicken, duck, pastured beef, bison, rare-breed pork, as well as Nubian goat and Barbadoes lamb and mutton.

Weight varies by cut, but small shares range from 5-10 lbs and medium shares range from 10-20 lbs each month.

We have a very small staff and cannot accommodate personalized shares at this time. If you don’t eat one of the meats we offer, we may not be the best fit for you.

All animals are rare or heritage breeds that live happy lives outdoors. No hormones or antibiotics are ever administered. You can even come meet your meat (our Guinea Hogs love belly rubs.)


How much does it cost?

Small share: A six-month membership costs $340 (includes $40 annual membership fee). For your convenience, you pay for the first 3 months upon signup, then monthly thereafter ($50/month).

Medium share: A six-month membership costs $640 (includes $40 annual membership fee). For your convenience, you pay for the first 3 months upon signup, then monthly thereafter ($100/month).

Large share: Large Meat Share a.k.a. Whole or Half Hog: Buying in bulk is cheaper and is a great option if you have a freezer or friends you’d like to share with. Depending on the size of the hog, you can receive anywhere from 50 – 100 lbs of delicious heritage, pasture raised meat, fat, organs and bones from our heritage hogs (mix of Berkshire, Hampshire, and Duroc) or endangered Guinea Hogs. A limited supply of hogs available. Reserve your share now, 512-484-2746.

When and where do I pick up?

Meat shares are picked up the last week of every month at our Urban Farm located at 8310 Canoga Avenue, Austin TX 78724.

Pick up times are Tuesday (3pm-6), Friday & Saturday (10am-2).

As you pull up to the farm, the red Farm Stand is the first structure on your left hand side, and our meat shed is directly adjacent to it. The meat shares are kept in white coolers that are clearly labeled. Please remember to check your name off our list and read all posted directions!

While you’re here, be sure and check out our delicious selection of organic vegetables, eggs, honey, and flowers!

Read our contract!


Having a party and want a spectacular main course?

Our Guinea Hog mixes are smaller (between 50-100 pounds) than traditional heritage hogs and loaded with flavor given their luscious marbling. Call to discuss size, date needed. $100 and up, based upon weight. We can also refer you to a butcher who will harvest and prep for you. Call to discuss, 512-484-2746.

Want to raise heritage breed hogs?

Piglets available: $50-$75 each.

Call (512) 484-2746 with your inquiries.

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