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Please read our 2017 CSA Policy before enrolling.

Fall 2017 Egg CSA
Tuesday Pick up Locations
Wednesday Pick up Locations
Thursday Pick up Locations
Friday and Saturday Pick up Locations

We source our eggs from Coyote Creek Farm. If you’d like to participate in our egg CSA, you may add eggs to your vegetable CSA or sign up for an eggs-only CSA.

One dozen eggs cost six dollars.

How it Works

1. Choose your CSA option

-If you want to receive a $6 dozen-egg carton every week, choose ‘weekly egg share’

-If you want to receive a $6 dozen-egg carton every other week, choose either an A or B week (Week 1A starts January 9th, Week 2B starts January 16th, etc.)

2. Choose your pick up location

-Each pick up site has an assigned day and time, so select a site that best fits your lifestyle! Check out the map and list of sites below!

-Leave all other days set to ‘NA’ when you are ordering below.

3. Complete the purchase using a Paypal account, debit/credit card, or mail us a check

-make checks payable to Green Gate Farms and mail to 8310 Canoga Avenue, Austin, 78724

4. Enjoy organic local food and explore more ways to get involved with Green Gate! more information

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