IMG_3496The good news is it’s May! Birds are chirping, blue skies billow with fat clouds, rain is still in the forecast. However, rain has been part of our problem this season. Though these lovely daisies (pyrethrum) are finally beginning to pop, the other blooms are stalled. Celosia and marigold are on the cusp. The dozens of sunflowers that I forced weeks ago as a back-up plan — to avoid this exact situation – have not cooperated. What’s a farmer to do?….…Scrounge….flowers_042415-131

There is the prolific pineapple guava near the farmhouse loaded with tasty blooms. It has design possibilities.


The salvia is looking good but there isn’t enough for all of us yet.


And while I LOVE alliums scapes, I’m not sure if you do. Folks don’t say it, but I suspect they feel cheated if their bouquet doesn’t feature colorful petals. So I continue to scrounge for more color. The spiky vervain is fun so we play with that to see what we come up with….

But, the flowers are not cooperating. For some reason, the daisies are failing within a few hours of cutting. This looks like a weedy mess. Maybe an eye-catching vase will solve the problem….


Nope. While I love this white birch vase discovered at a potters shop in Maine, I’m just not feeling it.

Time to start over.