On Saturday I gathered stems for Kerstin’s weekly portrait of your upcoming share. I was tickled to see the scarlet celosia filling out and bright rudebekia beginning to pop. As you can see from this image, a colorful bouquet was coming your way…

052615-flowersBut the rain came first. And wouldn’t stop. Eight inches of water fell in just a few hours at our River Farm and my gauge spilled over at the Urban Farm. Counting inches soon felt pointless as mini-tidal waves plowed through our fields. As you can see from this day-after quickie film, our flower field is a wreck.

We had just finished planting ageratum, gold stick, and zinnia and were getting ready to put in ammi, sunflowers, basil and snaps. We had wrangled the certified organic paper mulch that I’ve been so proud of (it’s uber-sustainable) and annoyed by (the slightest breeze can spell disaster) into place. Finally, I could sit in the chair by the fields and envision the stems coming together as planned: more blues and whites, stronger scents, lots of variety.

Instead, rain became a torrent; that darn paper mulch swelled up like a thirsty towel, twisting into irrigation lines, dragging across beds, crushing plants in all directions.

What a mess. I am so damned annoyed. And more rain is predicted.

This week I will harvest what remains but I suspect we may need to put next week’s shares on hold. We’ll see.

Stay tuned and stay dry.