Time to pull out a white shirt and a camera then plop down in a field of bluebonnets. Seems like a lot of us do this beside 1-35. Yes, only in Austin do families take portraits on  highway hillsides. (Note: For a more relaxing setting, you are welcome to come to our in-town farm, where we are graced with acres of wildflowers that bloom along the length of Decker Lane.) Thank you Lady Bird!

Fifty years ago, Lady Bird Johnson helped spearhead the Highway Beautification Act. Not only did that legislation remove junk and billboards, it promoted scenic highways. This effort propelled Lady Bird into a lifetime of advocating for our native beauties, especially our blue lupines. Being an east Texas native, she recoiled at the uniformity of plants that accompanied suburban sprawl. Thanks to her we have an amazing botanical treasure — the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, a self-supporting research unit of The University of Texas at Austin devoted entirely to native plants, with more than 700 species native to central Texas. Go see it!

So, in honor of a wise woman, I hope you enjoy this week’s share of local beauty: bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and elderberry.

(Note to CSA Members: This season we’re using recycled cans to transport our flower shares. Please bring some to the farm if you have extra. Also, we could use a photographer who can take flower portraits every week!)