This photo of Community Organizer Nikkie Shubitz holding our first flower share of the season makes me happy. She put together a group of people (a.k.a. “farm members”) at her office  (a.k.a. “pick-up site”) who receive vegetables, eggs and flowers from Green Gate each week (a.k.a. “reliable income’).NikkieShubitzingredientsCOflowersweb

COs are our Farm Angels. They alight with smiles, gathering shares and sprinkling us with encouragement. They do the hard work of extending the reach of our farm. In turn, we are forever grateful that they help do the marketing that keeps our farm in business. They also fill the gaps the farmer sometimes doesn’t have time to handle… Like answering:

Why does my bouquet look like last weeks share?” Repeated flooding has made it difficult to plant new varieties.

Why was my bouquet small at the start of the season?” Members receive abundance as the farm produces. Your flower shares grow larger with the season and should more than make up for the start of the season.

Why does my bouquet arrive in a tin can?” Because we are certified organic, we do not add chemical extenders to water. And because Farmer Erin is persnickety about plastic, we don’t use plastic sleeves. So, in an effort to keep your stems hydrated, we recycle cans that should fit into your car’s cupholder (and, if you have several bouquets, in the recycled soda trays). Kinda convoluted, we know, but you see the method to our madness. Feel free to donate used cans!

As we head into our final six weeks of the season, our attention is shifting to Fall. The great news is that we have constructed a hoop house so our range of petals is about to increase significantly. We’re dreaming of peonies. What would you like us to grow? Now’s the time to let us know. Or tell your lovely Community Organizer.