Isn’t this the cutest baby you’ve ever seen? Eight months of perfection.
He attended our CSA Member Potluck on Saturday.

This Friday, December 10th: CELEBRATE International Terra Madre Day at the Farm Stand

12pm – 6pm
Terra Madre (“Mother Earth” in Italian) is an international event designed to bring attention to sustainable farming around the world.

After attending the Terra Madre conference in Italy, we know what a good organization it is. That’s why a portion of our sales will be donated to Terra Madre’s “Thousand Gardens in Africa” project, building sustainable school, community, and city gardens across Africa. You can read more about the project here.

Your purchase of organic vegetables and herbs, eggs, and meats will help those who need it most. Meet all the new baby farm animals, stay for happy hour, and take home as much fresh, organic groceries as you can carry.

Sponsored Shares
Green Gate Farms’ Sponsored CSA Share Program is a new, innovative way to invest in your community’s health. Sponsored Shares, purchased by individuals and businesses, provide our organic vegetables to children battling diet-related disease.

This year Sponsored CSA Share recipients are children participating in the “Healthy Families Initiative” at University of Texas Elementary School and children participating in the “Healthy Living, Happy Living” program at Texas Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity at Dell Children’s Medical Center.

In addition to receiving a share of vegetables throughout the season, children and their families learn about nutrition as well as how to cook using freshly harvested vegetables.

These families are motivated to make changes in their lives. Your gift ensures they receive the healthiest food possible and accomplish their goals.

Our thanks to GILDA GRACE — a new gift shop and bridal boutique at 1818 35th Street (the former “Gardens” store location) — for taking the lead on this community initiative. Be sure to shop at GILDA GRACE.

Contact us today to sponsor shares and give the gift of health to those who need it most.

This Week’s Share May Feature:

Though the freezes are taking a toll on our fields, we are chugging along. We’re determined to keep you well-fed until Christmas.

(12B out of our 14 week season)

Lettuce, Romaine or Red speckled
Tomatoes: green, red and orange
Hot Peppers
Green Garlic
Winter squash
Bok choy
Collards or Broccoli greens
Dill or cilantro or parsley

Soon: Broccoli, Blue Hubbard, Potatoes (red and Yukon), and Green Gate Farms Honey

Farm Photos

This past weekend, Eat Local Week’s Urban Farm Bicycle Tour ran right through Green Gate Farms. See the rest of the photos here.