This year we are fortunate that Connetts from around the country will converge at our farm. Venison will be the main course, thanks to Skip’s great aim at our other farm. While we are closed Thanksgving Day to celebrate family (and local food), we’ll be open our usual hours on Friday (12-6) and Saturday (10-2).

Please feel free to bring friends and family to to the farm this weekend. We will conduct our popular farm tour at noon ($5 per person), which includes meeting piglets and new kids.

Speaking of friends, CSA members are welcome to bring them next week when we host our CSA Potluck Lunch, Saturday, 12-2. See more below.

GIving Thanks…
Here’s what we say at Farm Camp:

For the deep earth the cradles the seed
For the rain that brings forth the green leaves
For the stars that give form to the flowers
For the warm sun that ripens the fruit
For all this goodness and beauty, we give thanks.

Thank you for supporting our farm. We hope your holiday is bountiful.

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This Week’s Share May Feature:
Week 10B

Chard or Collards
Green Beans