This week – just one from October – is expected to be near 100 degrees all week. Frankly, I’ve had enough. Enough of sweat rolling down my body, enough of my brain feeling like lead.

My favorite cure for these heat blues has been long soaks in the curve of the Colorado River that hugs the western border of our River Farm. About 25 miles east of our intown location, we plan to harvest and plant more at this Bastrop location where we manage about 50 acres. For the past six years, Farmer Skip has worked like a demon adding fences and irrigation and hoop houses. We’re hoping this season we’ll finally get some flower bulbs going there, too. Keep your fingers crossed.

To kick-off the first share of the season, you may find yellow sunn hemp in your bouquet. Farmer Skip has been growing this as a cover crop (e.g., a crop planted to restore soil). These hardy blooms are sun-hemp-8246695

cheerful, durable and dangle from 8 foot high stalks! Best of all, they sequester carbon so they’re doing their part to mitigate the effects of climate disruption.

FullSizeRender-1Farmer Skip with First Flower Shares, Fall 2015

As you can see, the first share is a collection of long stemmed color — celoisas, hemp, ageratum, zinnia, sage and other goodies.  Enjoy.