Eat your view

Your edible bouquets have featured one of our favorites lately: chamomile. This aromatic daisy-like flower makes a tea that relieves anxiety, reduces indigestion and improves sleep. That’s why Farmer Skip and I end our long days with a cup before bed. This calming ritual is becoming a necessity as we navigate new projects, new buildings, and new staff this season.


Inhaling your bouquet is another stress reliever, particularly if you like the scent of licorice. Bright yellow fennel flowers blossomed this week.


Adding to the bright pink, peppery-flavored Dianthus and not-especially-flavorful-to-me blue Cornflower (a.k.a. Bachelor Buttons).


Best of all are the shallot scapes that pop and swirl. I never tire of them. Each one is a mesmerizing  sculpture.


For more ideas on how to enjoy your flowers, see:

Chamomile tea recipe: Three tsps of chopped fresh tops of the plant, leaves and flowers to one cup of boiling water. Pour the water over the herb and leaves to steep for 15 minutes. After that strain the liquid and drink a cup with a little Austin Honey to sweeten it. (Article Source: