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Families interested in sending one or more children should complete this form and submit to: Completion of this form does not guarantee a scholarship. Applications are reviewed yearround. We will be in touch, but don’t hestiate to call with questions.

Send a Child to Camp — Fund a Scholarship

Each child that attends our Farm Camp is profoundly changed by the experience. They leave understanding the importance of sustainable farms as well as the pleasure they can bring. We believe this knowledge is an investment, not only in their own health, but in the health of our community. That’s why our farm has self-funded free and partial scholarships since founding Farm Camp in 2009. Some years as many as 50% of our campers receive aid. Now, we invite you to join in strengthening our local food system one camper at a time. You can make a child’s dream come true by donating to these established funds created by, or in honor of, our farm supporters:

  •  Jonah Adel Scholarship Fund — established for underserved children
  • Kathleen Donnelly Scholarship Fund — established by a single mom to help other single parents provide access to healthy food for their children.

You are also welcome to mail or bring your tax-deductible donation to ‘New Farm Institute’ to 8310 Canoga Avenue, Austin TX 78724.

Thanks for supporting local, organic farm-based education.

Jonah Adels Scholarship Fund


The Jonah Adels Memorial Scholarship was created by New Farm Institute to remember and celebrate Jonah’s passion for farm-based education. Funds donated to the Adels Scholarship will be awarded to underserved children seeking to attend a week of Farm Camp.  Your donation to this fund ensures that the work begun by this charming, engaging young man will continue.

Jonah carried out this mission with extraordinary skill and enthusiasm. As lead educator at the Farm School, he managed the orchard and beehives, trained farm apprentices in permaculture, and developed curriculum for Jewish ecological studies. He was an environmental activist who protested hydrofracking. He was a gifted musician. But most of all, he was a lover of trees and their power to restore. Hundreds of fruit trees bear the mark of Jonah’s hand. He once said that “the labor and love to bring into being a fruit forest… will nourish kids and community for generations.” It is both sweet and bitter that his life ended in service to them.

Read more about what Jonah accomplished.

Kathleen Donnelly Scholarship Fund 

Purpose: Camp scholarship for children Recipient: Single mother with demonstrated financial need Founder: This scholarship was created by Serene Hammond, daughter of Kathy Donnelly, in October 2013.

Her father always told her – the only thing in life that you “need” is air and water.  Because her children were ferocious eaters, Kathy added food to that list.  Being a single parent is difficult enough, having to worry about where the next meal is coming from should not be added to the list of all the other difficulties.  Kathy has always had a holistic approach to life, knowing one positive action in the universe can trigger a chain reaction of positive energy that everyone benefits from.  Supporting single parents and their children with the opportunity to learn where food comes from, how to plant, grow, and harvest it, and then learning how to cook it — without deterrents or obstacles standing in their way — is a key goal of this scholarship.

Learn, Grow, Community:  Go Have Fun!

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