Farmer Erin’s Letter from Farm Camp

One of the best performing crops of our summer season has been our Junior Counselors (JC). An abundance of teenagers donating their time and energy has meant that this year’s Farm Campers have enjoyed unparalleled attention. Our green-shirted guides have taken on all tasks with smiles. Sometimes a JC spends a morning as a “Barn Buddy” to a camper with a bout of separation anxiety. Or is drafted to take over livestock care, ensuring rabbits and chicks get special attention in the heat of the day or they become sous chefs — making everything from squash spaghetti to cookies to foraged pizzas.

For me it’s a privilege to be a part of these kids lives, especially for the children who’ve grown the camp with us. Some JCs, like Ethan W., have been coming to Farm Camp for eight years. Once a shy camper, he is now a thoughtful, confident leader. When we put him on a task, we’re confident he will not only get it done, but done in a way that inspires others. ¬†Likewise, twins Zane G. and Paxton G., who have been with us eight years as well, are now trusted, independent field hands capable of building and cementing a new paddock for the horse and goats with minimal supervision. These JCs are what make camp so worthwhile. We are so proud to be growing farmers, wholesome helpers, and passionate activists for good, clean, fair food.

To thank them for their contributions, a new camp tradition has been launched: floating counselors down the Colorado. Yesterday, six counselors, who had never been to our River Farm in Bastrop, got to spend the day floating and frolicking on what we call our “poor man’s Schlitterbahn”. We floated and floated again in the cool, quick current, then lolled, skipping stones, shrieking when fish nibbled our legs and mooing at fat cows as they lumbered down the opposite shore to drink and wade. A perfect summer day.

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