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Bringing people together through CSA memberships, camps, our farm stand, and events and community partnerships has been excellent training for what we believe is the next step in community farming: creating “agrihoods” that are large enough to feed the people that live around them.

A place where neighbors know each other and their farmers.

In 2015, when Roberts Resorts purchased the property where we had farmed in east Austin for nearly ten years, we proposed a new kind of development – a community of sustainable Tiny Houses around our farm. Together, with neighbors, customers, the City of Austin, TBG Landscaping, and consultants, we launched Village Farm, the first-of-its-kind agrihood.

Today, our historic four-acre farm is at the heart of a new kind of community, one you are welcome to join. To tour a Tiny House contact Rebecca Powers, 512-339-3793.

Community Building
We at the farm established the New Farm Institute to advance farm-based education initiatives. Since then, our farm has been seeking to provide what our neighbors need.
Farmers who make compost or feed livestock need food waste. Not only does it reduce costs, it makes sense. However, it can be difficult to transport. Help us make it easier by advising your elected officials to have food waste delivered to farmers, not to the landfill.
Everyone has far too much stuff, so we take pleasure in repurposing what others toss. Our dumpster diving has created a magic tree house, a guinea hog home, tarps, and much more!
“Junk” can be recycled! Our River Farm Solar Tiny House was made from two up-cycled milk trucks. Other farm structures from recycled materials include brick floors, a walk-in cooler, and a storage shed made out of earthbags in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.
We use drought-tolerant seeds, drip irrigation technology,  donated leaves and wood chips, recycled greywater, shade cloths, and certified organic mulch paper to make our operations as water and energy efficient as possible.
We love our solar oven. No more hot kitchens. Everyone should get one! We also constructed a solar-powered pump and continue to work toward our goal of 100% solar power.