Angie Omer from Angie’s Sweet Treats!

Meet our new baker, Angie Omer from Angie’s Sweet Treats

One bite of Angie’s moist, homemade banana bread will have you saying goodbye to store bought treats for good. As the soft crunch of oats and moist raisins tickle your tastebuds and warming cinnamon sugar floods your senses you’ll be transported to your childhood. Angie’s homemade treats, which range from sweet and salty Pumpkin Raisin Nut Muffins to crunchy Peanut Butter Brittle to Chocolate Muffins are all on sale at our Saturday farm stand.

Angie began baking with her mother when she was 10 years old. Together they made pies, cookies, and other sweet treats. “She was always baking”, Angie remembers, “I always wanted to help her bake. I even had a little cookbook I would cook from alongside her”. Angie remembers many days when she would measure and chop alongside her. She mentioned baking is a lot like muscle memory, after watching her grandfather make barbecue sauce, she can still remember his method today. Angie believes this is the best way to learn how to bake, and now teaches her granddaughter the same way.

For over 30 years, Angie worked as the baker and cook for Austin ISD. She’s been a member of New Covenant Church for over 40 years, and her community has been tasting the benefits of her baking ever since. She loves experimenting with different baked goods for the holidays; first exploring with cakes for each household, then little bags of cookies, and (get this) even massive cookies she makes in a pizza pan to get their size right. One year, she even made a cookbook, “Angie’s Favorite Desserts”, for her church after people were begging her for her recipes. Where did these delicious recipes come from? Most were passed down by her mother, tried and true AISD recipes, and she’s even adapted recipes from the internet to perfect them. Her favorite thing to bake are cinnamon rolls, which she explains are one of the easiest treats to make, don’t require a ton of ingredients “just a lot of flour” and are always a crowd pleaser. She’s also a fan of classic chocolate cakes and cupcakes which she decorates with meticulous design and planning.

Angie’s Sweet Treats is truly a family-focused business that integrates recipes passed down from her mother, and website/logo design by her son. As the supervisor of tech and communication at Austin ISD and an artist, Angie says “I couldn’t do this without him”. Since Green Gate’s goal is to pair with its surrounding community and serve its community more than simply vegetables, we’re delighted that Angie is one of our neighbors from Colony Park.

Want to improve your baking? Angie stresses the importance of using good quality ingredients, “my daughter kept using margarine and I told her you gotta use butter and good butter!”. In some of her baked goods, she uses King Arthur’s whole wheat flour, honey, and coconut oil to lighten them up. However, for lovers of classic baked goods filled with the classic butter, white sugar, and white flour. She laughed that while our farm customers love healthier ingredients, the brownies and cookies are still sold-out every week.

Angie has even challenged herself to start developing gluten free-recipes, an always tricky feat. Instead of attempting to mix the plethora of gluten-free flours yourself, she recommends using King Arthur Measure for Measure flour. Measure-for Measure flour claims to be usable in most baked goods, with the exception of yeasted bread. Angie is looking to master gluten-free flour mainly in her muffins and cakes to make them available for those that maintain a gluten-free diet.

Angie is able to sell her baked goods under the Cottage Food Law, signed into law under Governor Perry in 2011. “I didn’t care for Perry before, but now I say “Yay Perry!”. Angie started selling her delicious treats at the Lakeline Farmers Market, but was more interested in a smaller community. Believing it would be a great partnership between fresh vegetables and baked goods, she reached out to Green Gate to inquire about selling her baked goods.

Mastering the classics of baking with fresh and healthy ingredients, Angie’s delectable baked goods are not to miss. My mouth waters as I think about the crisp on the outside, soft and most on the inside Double Chocolate muffins she sells that evoke memories of childhood baking with my own mother. Angie evokes childhood nostalgia with every blissful bite of her freshly baked treats, and her baking has been an outpouring of love for her community for over 40 years.

CSA Spring 2017 Week 9A

1) Beets
2) Cucumbers
3) Green Onions
4) Potatoes
5) Roma Tomatoes
6) Green Tomatoes
7) Green Beans
8) Garlic
9) Sungold Tomatoes
10) Summer Squash/Zucchini/Pattypan Squash

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Need to unwind from the week on our beautiful farm? Join us for Yoga the Farm on April 22nd, from 12-1pm. All levels are welcome and encouraged to come, our instructor can accomodate all levels of experience. Cost for yoga is $10 and please bring your own mat, but we will have extras. Come find your breath in a community-building, all-levels yoga practice…and then swing by our bountiful farm stand (organic veggies, herbs, eggs, pastured meats)!

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Flower CSA Returns

Our Spring Flower CSA is back! Check out our Flower CSA page to find out more about ordering these beautiful bouquets.

(Flowers will change weekly depending upon availability, so not every week will look like this gorgeous bouquet, but will always be beautiful.)