One of the bright spots in a dreary, wet February was attending a regional conference of flower growers in Georgia. We toured 3 Porch Farm, a solar-paneled, bio-dieseled family farm near Athens, where we got to snoop and learn…3 Porch Farm IMG_1448 IMG_1465 and be inspired by their ingenuity. IMG_1468 During lunch, flower farmer and designer extraordinaire Jenny Love ( demonstrated the art of her craft. I was thrilled, not only because I’ve been following her website for years, but because I had won a prize — a vase she would fill with a centerpiece. IMG_1474 As she explained why she placed stems where she did, I told her how happy my friend Amy, who was putting me up after the conference, was going to be with her display. I told her Amy’s favorite colors; Jenny happily compiled. (Look how big that vase is!) IMG_1476 I imagined myself presenting this gorgeous work knowing I was going to be the best houseguest ever! IMG_1480 Only, I was mistaken.  The vase I had won, was smaller. Much smaller. 2015-03-22 13.03.49 And empty. I came home to a soggy, gray farm and wondered what to do with it.

Today, the fields gave me an answer: 2015-03-22 13.02.27 Wildflowers! The first of the bluebonnets, paintbrushes and peas from our cover crop have filled my little cup.

Spring is here and my cup runneth over!