1. NUTRITION ~ Your food is more nutritious because our produce is grown using sustainable methods. Your food is harvested at its prime, usually on the day you buy it. It’s not shipped the usual average distance of 1,500 miles. There’s no tread on our food!

2. SUSTAINABILITY ~ Supporting the local economy keeps your hard earned dollars circulating in Austin. Your membership supports the health and vibrancy of our local economy.

3. QUALITY & SERVICE ~ At Green Gate Farms, you know who grows and handles the produce you eat. You can meet the farmers. (You can even be the farmer when you volunteer!) We seek out delicious varieties of the vegetables you love, not the ones at most grocery stores that are grown because they ship well.

4. LEGACY ~ By supporting Green Gate Farms, you’re preserving a rich heritage of precious farm land. The rolling hills of East Austin were once farmed by Swedish immigrants like the Bergstroms (they built the yellow farm house we live in and the red barn beside it, which you can see from Decker Lane). By supporting Green Gate Farms, you’re preserving Austin’s historic breadbasket along Farm to Market (FM) road 969, the greenbelt that serves as the gateway to the city.

5. ATMOSPHERE ~ When you pick up your produce at our Farm off Decker Lane (8310 Canoga Ave), you can savor the sensuality of your food. We encourage you to walk the farm to experience the beauty and scents of your food, animals (everything from pigs to peacocks) and flowers as they emerge in a dynamic, ever-changing setting.