What do Green Gate Farms, Dave Matthews Band, Reverb, and the Austin 360 Amphitheater have in common?  A dedication to resource recovery through composting food waste!IMG_20150513_201211278_HDR

Last week, Dave Matthews Band kicked off their nationwide tour right here in Austin, and they worked together with Reverb (reverb.org) to source much of their food from local farmers, and to recycle their compostable food waste by donating it back to local fIMG_20150513_183525788armers! Our very own Farm Educator, Michele, was offered two free passes to attend the DMB concert in exchange for picking up the band’s food waste and recycling it through Green Gate Farms’ compost and livestock systems! When Michele arrived at the venue to pick up the compost, however, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the 360 Amphitheater had already recycled the food waste in their own composting system! Pati, the “greening specialist” for the DMB tour, said that she had never encountered a city where the band had so many opportunities for resource recovery through composting. Way to go, Austin!

Although Green Gate didn’t come away with any food waste, Michele did spot the tour cook as he was grilling up some delicious Green Gate Farms patty pan squash, and she got to enjoy the concert with her husband, courtesy of Reverb.IMG_20150513_182338912

Thank you to Paige and Pati at Reverb, the folks at the Austin 360 Amphitheater, and Dave Matthews Band for your commitment to sustainability and supporting local farms!