Farm to School

Cultivating Organic Food, Communities, and Farmers

Our School-to-Farm initiatives build upon ongoing partnerships with many public, private, charter, culinary and homeschooling schools. We work with teachers to tailor internships, service learning and capstone projects to students’ needs, while ensuring their efforts make a lasting impact on the farm and our neighboring community.

There is no better place to learn than in an innovative, stimulating and outdoor setting.

Farm As Classroom

Proof of this can be found in our incredible School-to-Farm program with Austin Jewish Academy, which has used Green Gate Farms as a weekly classroom for five years.

So often our best programs begin with an inspired individual. In this case, we are fortunate to work with an amazing fifth grade teacher, Karen Hidalgo, who initially brought her class to the farm for a field trip. Many of the more than 500 students that visit our farms each year, want to return; however, they need a teach with vision to make that happen. Karen saw the possibilities — developing service learning projects and curriculum to blend science, math, sustainability, health, art and Judaic principles with the daily needs of the organic farm. Together, we’ve created a program that rejuvenates farmers, students and teachers alike. Projects vary by season and have included: helping to build the new Education Center; building a student-designed mobile chicken coop, unveiled during 2014 Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour; and developing a rabbit enterprise. Best of al, each student leaves with confidence and awareness about personal and community health.

Similar programming has been developed with Austin Girls School, Escoffier Culinary SchoolAISD Clifton Center, and other educators. Feel free to contact us about how your students can blossom on the farm.

Feel free to contact us about how your school can particpate in our farm-based education programs.

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