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Community Organizers Bring Our Farm to You
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Organizer for Green Gate Farms. Community Organizers (CO) play a critical role on our farm because as a small family farm our resources are limited; we do not have delivery vans or administrative staff. We rely on COs to extend the reach of our farm.

In exchange for organizing a group of 5 – 9 members who receive weekly (or bi-weekly) vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, COs will receive a discounted vegetable share membership of their own with a 50% discount. A seasonal value of $500 ($25 x 20 weeks) for just $250. In exchange for organizing a group of up to 10+ members who receive weekly vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, COs receive a 100% discounted vegetable share membership of their own. This has a seasonal value of $500 ($25 x 20 weeks) for free!

Community Organizer FAQ

What does CSA mean?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a connection between a nearby farmer and the people who eat the food that the farm produces. Food producers + food consumers + annual commitment to one another = CSA and untold possibilities. That is the definition you’ll find in Sharing the Harvest, the book written by the farmers who harvested the first CSA vegetable shares in the U.S. in 1986. If it were not for our CSA — and the unwavering commitment of our members – we would not be able to operate our farm. Investing in our farm at the beginning of the season funds our operation.

What are the Responsibilities of the Community Organizer?

A Community Organizer agrees to:

  • Get shares from Green Gate Farms weekly during the CSA season and administer a pick-up location and time (such as Saturday from 12-4 from coolers located on the front porch of your house).
  • Provide clean, large coolers to keep shares cool and make distribution easy.
  • Maintain a sign-in sheet, provided by Green Gate Farms, where members check off their names when they pick up their shares.
  • Arrange for a back-up Community Organizer in the event that you cannot make it due to illness, vacation, etc., so that the process remains seamless for members.
  • Be a point of contact for members in your group if, for instance, they go on vacation and have a friend pick up in their stead or they need to reschedule a pick up time.
  • Notify us immediately if there are any problems.

Some organizers have also organized potlucks and supper clubs for their members, but that’s not required. However, we encourage you to have fun and make new friends.

How does the Community Organizer program work?

A Community Organizer picks up weekly shares from the farm for at least 2+ members during the season and brings them to a location (such as a home, school or office) where members can pick up their shares. As a Community Organizer, you choose the pickup location and then coordinate with the farm on the day and time that works best.

Each week, Community Organizers are responsible for:

  • retrieving shares from the farm afternoon on their designated pick up day.
  • keeping shares (e.g., produce, flowers, and eggs) cool, typically in large, clean coolers in a shaded or indoor area.
  • ensuring that members sign-in when they pick up their share. We provide a sheet of names with contact information to ensure that everyone gets their share.
  • returning bags to the farm so we’re able to pack them the following week.

Organizers do not collect money. Green Gate Farms uses an online system that allows each member to administer their own account. The farm also sends out a weekly email to remind members to pick-up their food. On your pickup day, each share is bagged and ready to go into your coolers.

In exchange for your organizing efforts and being the CSA point of contact, you receive discounted food.

What assistance will Green Gate Farms provide?

Green Gate Farms wants to make this process as smooth as possible for you, and we will:

  • Process all member share payments and bag fees.
  • Advertise your pick-up site location on our website to help you recruit members to your group.
  • Allow members to quickly and easily sign up for your location, and submit payment.
  • Have each share bagged and ready to go when you arrive each week, and load them into your coolers for you.
  • Provide a sign-in sheet for members to check off when they pick up their shares.
  • Brainstorm with you on how to market your pick-up site to get more members.
What are discounts are available for Community Organizers?

Community Organizers do not pay a fee for bags and you receive discounted food based upon the number of members your recruit for your group. Excluding yourself, the breakdown is as follows:
Number of weekly members discount

  • Five + Weekly or Alternating Week Veggie CSA Members: 50% discount
  • Ten + Weekly or Alternating Week Veggie CSA Members: 100% discount

One month after the season begins, we will lock in your discount rate (to avoid administrative nightmares), so don’t wait to get started! Please keep us advised on your progress so we can better anticipate our harvest each week.

What are the CSA seasons?

Most of our members join for our entire season, which is approximately 44 weeks a year. Our Spring/Summer season, which is usually 20 weeks long, begins mid-to-late March and wraps up at the end of July. Our Fall Season, which is usually 10-weeks, is from the end of September through mid-December. We also added a 10-week Winter share (Jan-Mar) in 2016, and plan to do it again in 2015!

Our start dates are entirely dependent upon the weather. Rain permitting, we begin as early as we can each season.

How do I get started?

Send us an email with your name, contact information, potential pick-up site location (name and address), and how many people have expressed interest in your pick-up location.

What marketing materials should I use?

In addition to directing people to Green Gate’s web site, we have created this flyer to post in your neighborhood, workplace or online. We will indicate your site is forming on our website. Please let us know if you have other marketing ideas we should consider.

Thanks for supporting local, certified organic agriculture and our farm!

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