I am counting the hours till I leave for the ASCFG conference in Madison, WI. Not only will I get to see the Arnofsky’s present — always a treat — we will learn about their new peony farm in Minnesota. Yes, they farm in Blanco, Texas and almost Canada.  Another expert I love to hear from is Missouri’s Mimo Davis. She is a ball of fire and is always up to something interesting. This conference is one of my favorites, which is one reason I’m happy to leave.

The other reason is sneezing. This week my allergies about did me in. What is it? Tree pollen? Mold? Ragweed? No idea what has caused this misery but rain is promised next week so perhaps we will all be released soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s bouquet, which includes some treats from our River Farm.


The stiff green leaves are loquat, a tree every Austinite should plant because it’s hard to kill and the fruit is yummy. The white fringe is boneset, a wildflower used extensively by native populations for fever relief. And here’s an interesting internet tidbit: The name Boneset is derived from the great value of this remedy in the treatment of a species of influenza,… which from the pain attending it was commonly called Break-Bone Fever.” What I’ve noticed is that this is a thirsty plant so be sure to keep the water high and clean in the vase.

Other petals include yellow sunn hemp, orange marigold, purple/pink celosias and varieties of zinnias. Be sure to play with arrangement as we’ve got several lengths going on. I just love the way celosia bounces so you may be seeing more of that in the coming weeks.



Many thanks to our model here, who also happens to be our Flower Photographer, Kerstin Wiggins!