Farm Stand


The Farm is OPEN!


HOURS: Tuesday 3pm-6pm, Friday 10am-2pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
LOCATION: 8310 Canoga Avenue, Austin, 78724 (8 miles east of downtown Austin)

*WIC accepted/Lone Star card/Double Dollars/Credit cards accepted

Our Farm Stand is set up in the smaller shed, just in front of the big red barn, where our Meat CSA pickups are.

Our Farm Stand is full of certified organic vegetables, herbs, eggs, meat, flowers and “second helpings:

  • Seasonal vegetables and leafy greens
  • Seasonal Flower Bouquets and Herbs (Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Garlic, Oregano, Chives, Mint)
  • Pastured chicken, pork, beef, bison, sheep, goat (while supplies last)
  • Organic eggs from Taylor Farm and Organicare Farms (not available until 2015)
  • Second Helpings - pickled okra, tomatoes and pepper

Here, you’ll see that sustainability is at the heart of our farm. Our stand was cobbled together using found materials and an old shed. In our homemade stand, we provide the highest quality food to the community. Being in a “food desert,” our Farm Stand is one of the few (only?) providers of organic food for our neighborhood.

We encourage you to direct your grocery dollars to farmers (join our CSA!). Make the effort to vote with your dollars. Keep local farms in business. Shop where your food is grown!

Buy Second Helpings and help send a child to camp

canned organic, local farm foodA dream has been realized thanks to Austin’s Natural Epicurean Academy (NEA): our fields have been gleaned to help those in need.

For years, we’ve wanted to do more with the “seconds” — food with slight imperfections — left in our field. This is especially true after killing frosts arrived in time for Austin’s Eat Local Week. This year, NEA chefs celebrated Eat Local Week by helping us create “Second Helpings,“ pickled certified organic vegetables.

Student Services Coordinator Leanne Valenti put all the pieces together by organizing guest teacher Kate Payne, author of The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, to share the science of creating shelf-stable pickled products with nine Natural Epicurean students. The chefs-in-training produced four dozen pints of pickled tomatoes and peppers.

This gift – colorful, tasty, useful, easy to pack, affordable — helps all concerned.  Get your Second Helpings by calling Green Gate Farms.
All proceeds benefit under served children who wish to attend summer camp at Green Gate Farms.

 Thanks for buying local, certified organic food from your neighborhood farm!