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Green Gate Farms, a certified organic farm, was established by us (Skip Connett and Erin Flynn) in an underserved neighborhood in east Austin in 2006. Working off-farm jobs to fund our efforts, we restored a historic farm site to create a community resource for neighbors of all incomes. Our vision is to cultivate an organic farm that feeds the mind, body, and soul. The past few years have been a whirlwind! Come help as we add an Education Center and Pavilion to the farm!

Weekly News and Updates

Camp Scholarship News Release

Green Gate Farms Expands Camp Scholarship Program, Seeks Support from Local Businesses   Kate Grimes 512.484.2746 8310 Canoga Avenue Austin, TX 78724 512-949-9831 Austin, Texas, July 5, 2016 -- Green Gate Farms, one...

Week 18B Summer CSA 2016

Welcome to Week 18B of our Spring/Summer CSA - this is officially the last week of pick ups and the last week the farm will be open until September. Besides meat & milk pick ups, Green Gate will close until September 20, 2016 when our Fall CSA starts up. Our Fall...

Week 17A Summer CSA 2016

Dear CSA Members: It took ten years but finally the inevitable arrived this season: your dedicated farmers are not able to complete the season as expected. We have faced drought and flood before, but never quite such an extreme spring as this one. Now almost a month...

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We’re a small group of individuals (and a lot of volunteers) working to connect people to agriculture in a new way.

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