New Farm Institute

Cultivating Organic Food, Communities, and Farmers

New Farm Institute’s mission is to educate, assist and inspire citizens and a new generation of sustainable organic farmers, with a focus on the urban fringe — an area defined as within 30 miles of medium to large cities.

Each year, we provide Farm-Based Education to hundreds of individuals and groups — students from kindergarten through college, employees, international visitors and others — by utilizing our farm as a living classroom. Curriculum and activities are tailored to the group and include:


We partner with dozens of organizations, and Multicultural Refugee Coalition (MRC) is one of our favorites. Since February 2014, our joint MRC Farm Link program has allowed refugees, many of whom were farmers, to get their hands back in the soil to feed their families and make delicious traditional meals using our fresh produce. Your support is needed to help us accommodate the long list of people — from Congo, Nepal, Burma and other countries — eager to participate in this program. Please contact us to discuss help with transportation and funding for equipment.

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Please don’t hesitate to get involved with our farm-based education programs. There is always plenty to do for all ages.  Volunteers and donors welcome.

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