Certified Organic Flower CSA

Cultivating Organic Food, Communities, and Farmers

Certified Organic Flower CSA

Our flower bouquets are a little on the wild side. Harvested the day you receive them, we take pride in creating colorful, fragrant, organic, fresh bouquets that often taste amazing. We are drawn to shapes and scents and surprises. Our bouquets feature what’s growing on the farm each week — flowers, herbs, vegetable scapes, wildflowers and sometimes striking weeds.

So enough with faraway flowers! Why send your money to factory flower farms in Ecuador when you can help flower growers thrive in Central Texas. We appreciate your efforts to keep this farm and other organic growers in business.

Read more about our flower CSA in the first edition of Rodale’s Organic Life

A specially made bouquet is prepared for you every week (or every other week) throughout our growing season (Spring/Summer/Fall). Your participation in our flower coop provides us with reliable funding necessary to keep our flower business growing. As a member, you receive the first pick of our fields.

Flower CSA
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Other Ways To Enjoy Our Organic Flowers

Call 512-484-2746 to order!

Edible bouquets

What’s more fun than eating your centerpiece? For folks who love to cook there is nothing better. Our edible bouquets are perfect in the kitchen, where you can rip off flavor as you cook. Bouquets feature whatever the season.

Farmhouse bundles

Our bouquets are eye-catching and unusual because our organic vegetable farm offers a wide variety of materials to work with. Let us know how many bundles you need and we’ll be happy to prepare them for your event.

Weddings and Special Events

We love creating memorable designs for special events. We’re putting a book together now of the work we’ve done for the many events we’ve hosted. Nothing beats certified organic or wildflowers for your special event so give us a call to see how we can help.


U-pick is available when excess quantities are available during Farm Stand hours. Please call or email us for available quantities.


This season we have limited wholesale flowers available so contact us to discuss what we have.

As an enthusiastic member of Specialty Cut Flower Growers Association, we support flower growers across the country and help fund flower research.

Our Flower Community Supported Agriculture program has a limited number of memberships – sign-up today!

Contact Us

Green Gate Farms
8310 Canoga Ave
Austin, TX 78724

Email: info@greengatefarms.net
Phone: 512-484-2746