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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is a CSA?

“Community Supported Agriculture is a connection between a nearby farmer and the people who eat the food that the farm produces. Food producers + food consumers + annual commitment to one another = CSA and untold possibilities”

Sharing the Harvest, a book written by the farmers who harvested the first CSA vegetable shares in the U.S. in 1986

For us, that means:

  • Providing weekly or bi-weekly seasonal, certified organic vegetables and flowers, and top quality meats and eggs.
  • A place where children explore livestock and fields, and where adults learn and participate in the health of their living space.
  • Access to our farms for canoeing, camping, field trips, volunteering, exploring and relaxing

SNAP Lone Star CSA

There are few healthy food options where our farms are located (on the eastside of Austin and westside of Bastrop), which is one reason why we support federal feeding programs like WIC and SNAP, thanks to assistance provided by Sustainable Food Center.

Vegetable CSA

Delicious, certified organic vegetables at your fingertips!

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Meat CSA

Sustainable farmers near you are raising incredible tasting meats using humane methods, but it can be hard to find. No more! Join our monthly meat CSA and take the guesswork out of your pastured meats.

Flower CSA

There’s nothing quite like a freshly harvested bouquet of local flowers — the aroma, the color, the variety..Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Organic Egg CSA

We carry Jeremiah Cunningham’s World’s Best Eggs from Coyote Creek Farm – the only certified organic feed mill in Central Texas. Located in Elgin, TX – they do all pasture-raised eggs with specific feed mixes to ensure their hens lead the highest quality life.

Eggs are available at our Farm Stand or you can join our Egg CSA. The Egg CSA runs on the same schedule as the Vegetable CSA.

EXISTING MEMBERS: Add a certified organic egg share to your existing subscription.

How It Works

Review Our CSA FQA Page

First, we encourage you to learn about what food we grow and what makes our CSA unique. Each farm is like a fingerprint, influenced by a whole host of factors ranging from location to the grower’s personality. Review our pickup locations, share sizes, payment options, workshare information and more to decide if this is a good fit for you.
CSA Frequently Asked Questions

Review Our Terms & Conditions/CSA Contract

If you choose to join our CSA, please make sure you’ve reviewed our Terms and Conditions and CSA Contract.
2016 CSA Terms & Conditions

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    *Only available during the Fall and Spring/Summer CSA seasons.
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