2015StartsHowdy folks,

Only 4 more CSA pick ups left of the summer season (if you signed up at the beginning your last share will include a storage share). I must admit I’m excited to clear out the fields at the Urban Farm and start fresh again for Fall. I love how dynamic the agricultural landscape is; how a field of cover crops transitions to long, clean rows of vegetables. Then, how quickly nature takes over and covers the bare ground with “weeds” once cultivation stops.

We’ve seeded a few thousand tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and melons for Fall thus far. This week Jason and I nailed down our field plans and place a seed order for the next round of greenhouse work: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, etc. I hope you’re looking forward to leafy greens again in September, I know I am!

Look for a similar mix of crops in your veggie share this week. We’re happy to finally have some squash and lots of sweet peppers! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the last of your Summer CSA more enjoyable.

Until next time,

Farmer Katie



A few of you have written us to ask what to do with long beans. Long beans aren’t that good raw, so we made an internet list of recipes for you to try.

MEAT SPECIAL: 062414-farm-animals-5WHOLE & HALF HOG FOR SALE

The meat from our rare-breed Guinea Hogs has an unmatched flavor and is perfect for grilling. Lucky for you, we have a few whole meat shares available from smaller animals (about 60 pounds). Here’s more info….

At just $2/LB Pork Fat is a versatile product. Here is a list of ways to use pork fat in your home and kitchen:


HIRINGWe are hiring a part-time 15-20 hour a week Office Manager for our urban farm. 

For more information about this position click here.