Week 18B Summer CSA 2016

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Welcome to Week 18B of our Spring/Summer CSA – this is officially the last week of pick ups and the last week the farm will be open until September. Besides meat & milk pick ups, Green Gate will close until September 20, 2016 when our Fall CSA starts up. Our Fall Veggie and Egg CSA runs from Sept. 20 to Dec. 10 (12 weeks) – sign up online and grab your spot today!

We’ve really appreciated the influx of messages from our CSA members asking to secure a spot for Fall. On Monday we had volunteers help us plant about 1,000 melons (cantaloupe & honeydew) which should be ready late September. Yesterday Thomas & Skip got one whole hoophouse planted with Fall tomatoes. Tomorrow I’m “potting up” about 800 pepper plants for transplanting in the next few weeks. It begins again – so quickly!

Thanks so much for your support through this season. We won’t stop working hard to ensure an abundant Fall. Enjoy the rest of your summer and look for an email from us about an end-of-season potluck soon.

Farmer Katie

Week 17A Summer CSA 2016

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Dear CSA Members:

It took ten years but finally the inevitable arrived this season: your dedicated farmers are not able to complete the season as expected. We have faced drought and flood before, but never quite such an extreme spring as this one. Now almost a month without rain and triple digit temperatures, the tempestuous mix of torrential rains and gale-force winds seems in the distant past. At the river farm, we don’t have to look far for reminders (see photos adjacent).

Sometimes, what happens off the field is equally challenging. Erin and I spent the past year fighting to save the city farm. We succeeded but our staff had to pick up the slack. City Farm Manager Katie Tritsch carried the greatest weight and did an amazing job — from her work in the greenhouse and fields to managing staff and workshares to dealing with the daily headaches of making the farm run smoothly. Needless to say we are going to miss her greatly when she heads out on a year-long road trip in September. Katie stuck with us through some pretty rough patches and always kept smiling, even when I’m sure she felt like crying, especially these past six weeks while I’ve been almost completely out of the picture while recovering from surgery.

At the river farm, Ali Stone, our replacement for Jason, who moved on to farm in New York, also has done a remarkable job — with Thomas Schroeder at her side —  fighting weeds that tower over them and keeping morale up when things got pretty tough out there, particularly after one of our employees got bitten by a rattlesnake and had to stay in the hospital a few days. We’re grateful that Ali will be filling Katie’s boots at the city farm this fall and Thomas will be taking Ali’s place at the river farm.

As a member of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program you inherently share these experiences with the farm, for better and for worse. You see the outcomes of our labor, our challenges, and our successes in your shares. We are incredibly grateful that you take local food and organic farming so seriously that you are willing to share the risks that come with each season. It goes without say but bears repeating: we keep growing, regardless of what mother nature and human nature throw our way, because we you haven’t given up on us. And, too, because farmers are optimists at heart. Each seed holds that promise for a new beginning. This fall will be amazing. We just gotta believe it. And so we are already planting as we speak.

This is why it’s with the heaviest of hearts I write to inform you that we’re ending our Spring/Summer CSA two weeks early. Our last distribution will be Saturday, July 23rd.

For some of you who pick up on Alternating A week schedules, this will be your last week to pick up. We’ll be sending an email via Farmigo shortly with details about what this means for your account and what to expect over the last two weeks: namely, storage shares!

Thanks so much for your membership through thick and thin. We hope you plan to join us for an abundant Fall season; no doubt the best time of year to farm in Central Texas.

Your farmers,
Skip Connett & Erin Flynn